April 7, 2021

Beware of Dengue during Pandemic, Soffell provides aid in Central Java

Enesis Group in collaboration with Kompas.com held CSR activities and education on dengue prevention & Clean Healthy Lifestyle to the Central Java Provincial Government entitled “Kompas.Com X Sofell Sharing”.

The symbolic handover was carried out by Ryan Tirta Yudhistira, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer of Enesis Group together with Wisnu Nugroho, Editor in Chief of Kompas.com to Ganjar Pranowo, Governor of Central Java at the Puri Gedeh Office House, Semarang on April 3, 2021.

When the handover took place Ryan Tirta said that in the midst of a pandemic that has been in Indonesia for a year, Enesis wants to invite all levels of society to still have to be careful with DHF, because DHF is one of the cases that occurs every year in Indonesia, and every year. year has +- 100,000 cases, including during the pandemic in 2020.

“We want to invite people to care and be careful with DHF and Enesis sees that educating the public is not only the responsibility of the government, but also the responsibility of private companies such as Enesis and other companies. That’s what underlies us to do this CSR, and from before the pandemic and during the pandemic we have continued to educate 3M Plus. The goal, hopefully, is to provide a sense of caution in the community so that dengue cases are maintained even in the midst of a pandemic,” said Ryan.

Ganjar Pranowo expressed his gratitude for the assistance given, “I thank you for being helped to Kompas.com and Enesis, of course this will be very useful and it was true that during this pandemic we seem to have forgotten some other diseases, so we still have homework It’s not only dengue fever, there’s still TB, leprosy is still there, even malaria is still there,” he said

He also sees that social assistance activities like this have important values ​​to be instilled. “We share important values, we want to help, not only individuals but companies can also do them, people don’t only think materialistically but there is also something we can share.” he added.

In addition to providing a symbolic handover, Enesis Group showed an interesting experience, namely the effective mosquito test demonstrated by Putri Indonesia Tourism 2020, Jihane Almira Chedid and Putri Indonesia Environment 2019, Jolene Marie Cholock-Rotinsulu in front of Ganjar Pranowo, this socialization is part of 3M Plus education, in addition to Draining, Burying and Recycling also need to apply Anti Mosquito Lotion, to avoid mosquito bites during activities.