July 31, 2023

Taking Part of Bhayangkara Anniversary, ENESIS GROUP Distributes Health Products at Bhayangkara Hospital DIY

ENESIS GROUP conducted Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities at Bhayangkara Hospital DIY to commemorate the 77th Anniversary of Bhayangkara.

Chief HR, Legal, Public Relations & Regulatory Affairs Officer ENESIS GROUP, Bambang Cahyono accompanied by Head PR ENESIS GROUP, RM Ardiantara and Head RA ENESIS GROUP, Budi Satriyo provided CSR assistance symbolically and was received directly by Karumkit Bhayangkara Polda DIY together with Sespusdokkes Polri Brigadier General. Pol. dr. Didiet Setioboedi, Sp.THT-KL., DFM., who was visiting at the time.

In accordance with ENESIS GROUP’s value, namely “Healthy Products for Healthy Families”, this assistance is a form of support for the health of health workers at Bhayangkara Hospital, DIY. In addition to hospital visitors, healthy kits were given to participants in the selection of IPDN Praja candidates who were carrying out health tests.

Bambang Cahyono hopes that these health products can be of benefit to beneficiaries. “Hopefully this health product can help the health of the soldiers, especially those at Bhayangkara DIY Hospital, so that they can provide police medical services to support operational tasks and police health services for the Indonesian National Police and their families and the general public in full,” said Bambang.