July 24, 2023

In alignment with its corporate value of “Healthy Product for Healthy Family”, Enesis Group extends its support to RSUD Tarakan

Chief HR, Legal, Public Relations & Regulatory Affairs Officer of ENESIS GROUP, Bambang Cahyono accompanied by Head of PR ENESIS GROUP, RM Ardiantara and Head of RA ENESIS GROUP, Budi Satriyo provided CSR assistance symbolically and was received directly by the Main Director of Tarakan Hospital, drg. Dian Ekowati, MARS.

This gift is expected to encourage health workers at Tarakan Hospital to continue to provide excellent service to the community. This spirit is in accordance with the value of ENESIS GROUP, namely “Healthy Products for Healthy Families”. To provide the best service, health workers must also be supported for their health through quality products.

Bambang Cahyono said that this support was in line with ENESIS GROUP’s commitment to always prioritize the health of the Indonesian people, especially health workers. “Through CSR “Healthy Products for Healthy Family” we provide health products to support the immune system of health workers and provide encouragement and prayer for patients and their companions at Tarakan Hospital,” said Bambang.

In addition, this CSR also supports In-House Training activities to Improve Service Quality Through Effective Communication Skills and Hospitality. “We also hope that this training can make communication in providing information, education, and counseling to colleagues, patients, and visitors even better so as to improve services from Tarakan Hospital,” added Bambang.

This assistance was well received by the Tarakan Hospital. “Thanks to Enesis Group for the support and appreciation. We really appreciate that Enesis Group has the intention and Alhamdulillah it has been implemented to provide support and appreciation for all health workers at Tarakan Hospital in providing excellent service to our clients and patients. Hopefully this health product can
useful for all of us.” Said the Main Director of Tarakan Hospital.

We hope that our friendship and cooperation in the future can become even more, even better and hopefully this can be a source of encouragement for our friends. So now those who know Tarakan Hospital are not only friends from the Hospital and the Puskesmas, but also those outside of health who are already familiar with Tarakan Hospital.” Added the Main Director of Tarakan Hospital.