April 4, 2021

Antis Provides Support for NTT through Minister of Social Affairs

Antis, a product of the Enesis Group, provides assistance to victims of natural disasters in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) who were affected by flash floods on April 4, 2021 through the Ministry of Social Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia.

The symbolic handover was carried out at the Ministry of Social Affairs Building of the Republic of Indonesia, Salemba, by Ita Karo Karo as Head of Marketing Enesis Group and received directly by the Minister of Social Affairs, Tri Rismaharini accompanied by the Director General of Social Empowerment, Edi Suharto.

Ita Karo Karo stated that Enesis Group is committed to continuing to synergize with the government to ensure the health of the Indonesian people, especially during disasters during this pandemic. “We are quite concerned about the disaster that befell our brothers and sisters in NTT, this pandemic period is already difficult to go through, let alone the added disaster. But as President Joko Widodo also reminded disaster victims to continue to comply with health protocols, therefore we join hands with the Ministry of Social Affairs to provide Antis as part of the health protocol during the recovery and post-disaster period.” Said Ita.

Antis as an expert in protecting is present to maintain public health and supports the application of healthy hygiene behavior through hand hygiene. “From healthy hands, when they eat, do their daily activities, their health is maintained. The simplest thing is that our hands are dirty, we eat can get diarrhea. Moreover, in the midst of a disaster, clean water may be difficult to obtain, so we provide Antis for the victims in NTT,” added Ita.

The Minister of Social Affairs expressed his gratitude for the assistance from the Enesis Group and informed that he would soon distribute this aid to NTT. “On behalf of the government, we thank you for the assistance from the Enesis Group and will soon distribute it through the local government and considering that the field there takes time to distribute. I am not tired of inviting the business world to join hands in handling the Covid-19 disaster and pandemic, especially since Indonesia is located in the ring of fire so it is very vulnerable to natural disasters and in NTT during the rainy season there is a shortage of water. Indonesia’s condition is like that, it is necessary to join hands with various parties including the business world in handling disaster victims,” ​​said the Minister of Social Affairs.

Besides Antis, Enesis Group also donated 5000 cartons of Air Sejuk Adem Sari, drinking water for internal heat. This assistance will later be allocated to victims of flash floods in East Flores and Lembata, East Nusa Tenggara.