Peringati HUT Kabupaten Bantul, ENESIS GROUP Berikan Bantuan Produk Kesehatan di RSUD Panembahan Senopati Bantul
July 28, 2023

Commemorating the Anniversary of Bantul Regency, ENESIS GROUP Provides Health Product Assistance at Panembahan Senopati Hospital, Bantul

ENESIS GROUP carried out Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities by providing health product assistance at Panembahan Senopati Hospital, Bantul in conjunction with the commemoration of the 192nd Anniversary of Bantul Regency.

This CSR program is a manifestation of ENESIS GROUP’s commitment in accordance with ENESIS GROUP’s value, namely “Healthy Products for Healthy Families”. In line with the theme of the 192nd anniversary of Bantul in 2023, namely “Nyawiji Mbangun Nagari, Clean Environment, Healthy and Prosperous Residents”. We hope that this health product can support the health of the people of Bantul Regency, especially health workers and patients at Panembahan Senopati Hospital, Bantul.


Chief HR, Legal, Public Relations & Regulatory Affairs Officer ENESIS GROUP, Bambang Cahyono accompanied by Head PR ENESIS GROUP, RM Ardiantara and Head RA ENESIS GROUP, Budi Satriyo provided CSR assistance symbolically and was received directly by the Deputy Director of Services and Support, drg. Raden Rara Rini Setiyaningsih, MPH was accompanied by the Deputy Director of General Affairs and Resources, Sidiq Rohadi, SE, MM and his staff.

This activity was appreciated by the Panembahan Senopati Hospital. “So thank you very much for your help and hospitality, we are very happy to receive it. Hopefully it’s not just this once, someday it’s still pleasing again. So that Panembahan Senopati Hospital, hopefully ENESIS will continue to develop and be more victorious, and Panembahan Senopati Hospital will also be able to serve the community even better.” said drg. Raden Rara Rini Setiyaningsih

ENESIS gave its CSR to Panembahan Senopati Hospital, the moment coincided with the 192nd Anniversary of Bantul Regency, we also happened to have a Bantul Creative Expo activity. Later that evening it will be opened. Please, if you wish, we can provide healthy kits for our visitors at the Bantul Creative EXPO.” added drg. Raden Rara Rini Setiyaningsih

On the same occasion, ENESIS GROUP also attended the Bantul Creative Expo which was held at the Gabusan Art Market. Here, ENESIS Group provided healthy kits to participants who conducted free examinations at the Panembahan Senopati Hospital booth. This activity was also directly monitored by the Regent of Bantul, H. Abdul Halim Muslih who also received a healthy kit from ENESIS GROUP.

ENESIS GROUP also has the spirit of “Serving the Nation and Making the Nation Healthy”.
the same as Panembahan Senopati Hospital, Bantul, namely “Serve Wholeheartedly For
Better Quality of Life”. Therefore, it is hoped that this collaboration can be useful
for the quality of health of many parties with services from Panembahan Senopati Hospital,
at the same time through quality products from ENESIS GROUP.