The Success Story



The first company to produce mosquito repellent lotion in Indonesia was named Sari Puspa (now Soffell) and is currently the leader in the mosquito repellent lotion market in Asia and the Middle East.


Business Expansion

The success of Sari Puspa led the company to expand its business into the functional drink category in 1994, marked by the launch of Adem Sari or Sensa Cools. As a herbal supplementary powder drink, Sensa Cools enhances the body’s digestion system, relieves constipation, and heals sore throat and canker sores.


Best Innovation

Enesis Group came up with Antiseptic Antis, alcohol-based hand sanitizer that can kill 99% of germs in 4 seconds


Trusted Brand

The fourth product from the Enesis Group, to maintain daily fiber needs, Vegeta Orange.


Expanded Product Line Into Various Categories

Expanding into other categories, Enesis Group came up with products of smoother, fragrances and softener, Kispray


Best Products

Launched a natural herbal remedy for relieving bowel movements – Vegeta Herbal and Force Magic – insect repellent spray / aerosol.


International Quality Standards

To achieve international quality standards, Enesis Group owns two manufacturing plants with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and ISO 9001:2008 standards, supported with more than 3,000 employees located in Jakarta’s leading industrial estates: Pulo Gadung Industrial Estate and Cikarang Industrial Estate. Now, Enesis Group is building a new Plant in Cikarang to support its expansion plan.

Enesis Group is determined to create new products and expands its market both locally and globally. The latest expansion projects are market penetration in China, Vietnam, Thailand and USA.


One of the prominent FMCG groups in Indonesia

Enesis Group established itself as one of the prominent FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) groups in Indonesia, dedicated to providing the highest consumer satisfaction. Throughout the years, Enesis’s products have won many prestigious awards such as Top Brand and ICSA (Indonesia Customer Satisfaction Award).


Leading in Innovation

A new product in the beverage category, Coolant is an isotonic drink


Understanding The Consumers Needs

After the success of Adem Sari Sachet, Enesis Group launched a ready-to-drink version, Adem Sari Ching Ku and a unique energy drink, Proman Energenesis.


Fulfill The Consumers Satisfaction

Coming with new products, in this year Enesis Group launched 2 products, Plossa Press & Soothe Aromatics and Tesona. Plossa Press & Soothe Aromatics is a refreshing aromatherapy 4-in-1 concept: inhaler, roll on, scrapping. Tesona is a premium tea powder drink. In this year Vegeta Jeruk, rebranding to Scrubber.


Breakthrough During The Pandemic

With continuous innovation, Enesis Group releases Air Sejuk Adem Sari products, drinking water from mountains high in minerals to relieve heatiness and thirsty. And also Amunizer, ammunition supplement with endurance content of Vitamin C 1000mg, Eldeberries and natural herbs.


The Corporate’s Commitment to Society

Among the awards received by the brands, Enesis Group as a corporation received the Top CSR Award of the Year, Special Achievement of the Corporate’s Contribution to Social Responsibility in COVID-19 Handling Activities; Vaccination Program by Trans N Co and Special Appreciation: Corporate Social Initiatives For Pandemic Solution For Contributing Significantly in Dealing With The COVID-19 Pandemic in Indonesia by SWA


Enesis Group is strongly committed to become a world leader in the area of healthy drink and selected FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) product category. To achieve this vision, Enesis Group always tries to :

icon vision

Create innovative products which are able to provide a solution according to the consumers’ needs

icon vision

Ensure that all products are in good quality

Mission & Core Values


To achieve the aforementioned vision, Enesis is committed to :

  • Oriented towards the fulfillment of the consumers’ needs.
  • Develop innovative products as a solution for the consumers’ needs by maintaining the product quality, strengthen the distribution network and creative communication to the consumer
  • Develop human resources that are competent, professional, and having high integrity.
  • Increase the public awareness and responsibility of the environment and social needs.
  • Market superior products to fulfill the consumers’ satisfaction.

Core Strengths

Perfect blend of creativity & technology.

Core Strengths
  • Consumers are the company’s top priority. They are the main asset. Enesis Group always creates products according to the needs of its consumers. The Marketing Research Department periodically conducts a market and consumer research to ensure a two-way communication to define company’s product strategies. Qualitative and Quantitative research methods are used to make the best strategic decisions in all products.

    Market Research

  • All of Enesis’ products are widely distributed through big and small outlets to ensure easy access for the consumers. The company’s distribution channel consists of traditional markets, modern markets, and pharmacy/medical institutions, with distributors spread across Indonesia.

    Distribution Networks

  • Equipped with the latest R&D technology, Enesis Group has launched innovative products that have gone through thorough research and development processes to fulfill the needs and demands of its consumers.

    Research & Development

  • Focused and impactful campaigns have made the company’s products the market leaders in their respective categories. Very frequently appearing on daily TV programs raises awareness and generates strong recollection on the products.

    Advertising & Promotion

  • To remain as market leaders, the production team ensures all products are of high quality and processed using hi-tech machines for mass production that comply with ISO 9001-2008 standards. The company’s Quality Control documentation system has received ISO 9001 certificate.

    Production & Quality Control

  • Since 2002, Enesis Group has been receiving awards in all of its product categories. It has been awarded with prestigious awards such as Top Brand Award, ICSA Award, and Best Packaging Award for the past consecutive years. This confirms that Enesis’ products are at the top of mind and at the same time fulfill the needs of its consumers.

    Performance Awards

Mission & Core Values

Core Values #EnesisCulture

  • Agility
    We are adaptive and optimistic in the face of challenge.
  • Creative & Innovative
    We are creative in giving solution, continuously making change (iteration, innovation, till disruption).
  • Teamwork
    We are cooperative, embrace diversity, encourage collaboration to achieve company goal.
  • Integrity
    We work with integrity and professionalism.
  • Visionary
    We think beyond the present, become a leader in technology, tools, methods, etc.
  • Excellence
    We work to achieve operational excellence, service excellence.

International Quality Standards

icon manufacturing plants

Manufacturing plants with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and ISO 9001:2008 standards

icon employees

We know that our people are the most valuable asset to our success. A global company such as ours attracts people from all over the world and from different paths of life. to become a global leader in the consumers’ goods industry its depends on the potential, dedication, knowledge, and performance of our employees and the excellence of our leaders.

distribution country
Distribution Country

Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, China, Hongkong, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Brunei, United States, India, Philippines.

Enesis Group is determined to create innovative products to its market both locally and globally. Enesis Group now exists to deliver needs of consumers with healthy and innovative products in many countries in the world.