Whistleblower Channel

We work with integrity and professionalism. In line with our core values, we provide the whistleblower channel so that anyone can report if they have information about fraud, misconduct, and unethical behavior which can harm and/or endanger the Company as well as the stakeholders.

If you see/know or suspect a fraud, misconduct, and unethical behavior done by internal and/or external party, such as (but not limited to) the following:

icon Fraud  Fraud

Corruption and extortion  Corruption and extortion

Bribery and gratuitiesBribery and gratuities

Conflicts of interest   Conflicts of interest

Theft, embezzlement and misuse of assets.  Theft, embezzlement and misuse of assets

Violation of law and Company regulation  Violation of law and Company regulation

Please report to us so we can follow up and make any necessary precautions to mitigate those fraud, misconduct, or unethical behavior happen again in the future.

You may submit your report through our whistleblower channels as follows:

  • Hotline (Telepon, SMS or Whatsapp): (+62) 81119011555
  • Email:
  • Whistleblower Box in each Office and Plant
  • Mail to:
    PT Herlina Indah
    Jl. Rawa Sumur II No. 9, Jatinegara, Kec. Cakung
    Jakarta Timur, DKI Jakarta 13930
    Up. Internal Audit

We guarantee and ensure the protection of the confidentiality of the whistleblower, both employees and third parties who submit complaints or reports of any alleged fraud, misconduct, or unethical behavior. We encourage to not use anonymous and provide your contact number therefore we can follow up properly.