June 8, 2021

Enesis Group and CT Arsa Foundation Educate Dengue Fever

CT Arsa Foundation collaborates with Enesis Group in the GEBRAG activity or the Sharing Movement which was carried out in the Kapuk Poglar area, West Jakarta.

In this activity, the children who were present were given Education on Corona Introduction and Fairy tales of Clean and Healthy Living Behavior which were delivered using the fairy tale method, singing, and watching animated videos so that the children would understand more about the education provided.

In the introduction of DHF education, it is not only given theory but also accompanied by practice by conducting a mosquito efficacy test. Hands using Soffell anti-mosquito lotion and spray and hands without applying Soffell are put in mosquito nets containing lots of mosquitoes and see which ones are bitten and which ones are not.

Unexpectedly, the children in Kapuk Poglar were very enthusiastic during the mosquito efficacy test, they scrambled to do the mosquito efficacy test.