April 29, 2022

Ahead of Lebaran, Enesis Collaboration with the Government Presents Safe and Healthy Homecoming Posts

After 2 years of the pandemic, the government finally made it easy to go home by adjusting some rules, the enthusiasm of the community was felt. Seeing this, Enesis Group opened homecoming and backflow posts at several points on the island of Java from April 25 to May 8, 2022 to provide comfort and safety for the community.

Ryan Tirta Yudhistira, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, said that this homecoming post activity was a follow-up program from last year’s Nataru post. As a form of Enesis Group’s commitment to consistently synergize with the government to serve the country and nourish the nation through CSR programs, one of the CSR programs this time is by collaborating with the government to establish a homecoming post. “This Lebaran Homecoming Post provides services and facilities for health care needs for people who will travel so that travelers are safe and comfortable, and healthy when they arrive at their destination,” said Ryan.

On Thursday, April 28, 2022 together with the Free Homecoming Release of the Ministry of Transportation, Ryan Tirta symbolically supported the 65,000 healthy kits from Enesis to the Director General of Land Transportation of the Ministry of Transportation, Budi Setiyadi witnessed by the Minister of Transportation, Budi Karya Sumadi and other invited guests.

Budi Setiyadi said that “I am very grateful to Enesis who successively with us from the Ministry of Transportation, has always supported how the mission related to safety issues in terms of community habits to prevent COVID-19 was fully assisted by Enesis, during Christmas and New Year I was assisted This healthy kit package is up to 95,000 packages and we distribute not only on land transportation but also train, air and sea. This homecoming post is also expected to be able to support the community to get used to implementing health protocols at the points of the Lebaran homecoming route this time, “said Budi.

The Adem Healthy Relaxing Homecoming Post, provides services and facilities that travelers can enjoy such as free relaxing massages with Plossa, sharing homecoming moments at the Adem Sari Photobooth, and getting free Kispray spray to free germs and have a long-lasting fragrance during the trip.