February 22, 2022

My home is free of dengue fever with Soffell in Surabaya

Hundreds of residents who are members of the Sumur Welut Rusunawa association, Surabaya, united their determination to prevent dengue fever outbreaks by holding a community service event with the theme “My Flat is Free of Dengue Fever”

Minggus Hadinata (BAE Enesis for East Java) as a supporter of the ‘Rusunku Free of DHF’ activity strongly supports the activities of residents who are concerned about the dangers of the dengue fever (DB) outbreak. Because, currently DHF is still a serious health problem in Indonesia, especially in East Java.

Minggus added that the selection of Rusunawa as an educational area was also due to the very low level of public awareness of dengue disease. In addition, this area is also humid which accelerates the growth of the Aedes aegypti mosquito.

“The most effective way to prevent DHF attacks is not fogging because the mosquito larvae do not die, but the habit of regularly draining and cleaning the bathtub, closing any gaps that can hold water, burying garbage (3 M) and applying anti-bacterial lotion. mosquitoes,” he concluded.

In that activity, Enesis Group gave assistance in the form of Soffell and Antis Hand Sanitizer. This assistance is intended to prevent dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) and to support clean and healthy living behavior during the pandemic, especially for residents of Sumur Welut Rusunawa, Surabaya.