April 19, 2023

Enesis Group Distributes Healthy Kits to Support Health Protocols During Mudik 2023

In order to support the health protocol, Enesis Group is again working with the Indonesian Ministry of Transportation to distribute 25,000 healthy kits and 10,000 Adem Sari RTDs to travelers at several points.

Simultaneously with the Free Mudik Release, Enesis Group provided symbolic support represented by Mr. Budi Satriyo as Head of Public Relations & Regulatory Affairs of Enesis Group together with Mr. Budi Karya Sumadi as Minister of Transportation by distributing it to travelers who were waiting for the bus on 18 April 2023 at the Terminal Jatijajar, Depok.

Mr. Budi Satriyo conveyed that this activity was part of Enesis’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program since last year, as a form of the company’s consistent commitment to synergize with the government to serve the country and nourish the nation. “The distribution of healthy kits is not the first time this has been done, we want to continue to remind the public to take care of their health, especially in the middle of the trip so that travelers are safe and comfortable, and healthy when they arrive at their destination.”

As you know, there are still cases of COVID-19, so we still have to implement health protocols. Mr. Budi Satriyo added, “We distributed healthy kits containing masks, Antis Hand Sanitizer, and Aromatherapy Oil Plossa. Apart from that, we also distributed Adem Sari Madu Lemon Tea to accompany the travelers to stay fresh while on their way.”

Apart from that, from the Department of Transportation, Mr. Suharto as the Director of Road Transportation, appreciated the contribution and cooperation with Enesis so far. “Since the pandemic, Enesis has contributed to helping the community through our program last year. But now, it turns out that Enesis also still cares about health problems. It is proven that even though the PPKM has been abolished, it is still equipped with prospective passengers and passengers related to healthy kits as a preventative for health problems. Therefore, on behalf of the Director General of Land Relations, we thank you for your cooperation so far and hopefully this will benefit the community and bring blessings to Enesis so that he can continue to develop and contribute to society in terms of health.”

The distribution of healthy kits for travelers was given at Kampung Rambutan Terminal, Pulo Gebang Terminal, Pondok Cabe Terminal, Jatijajar Terminal, and Poris Plawad Terminal.