July 12, 2023

Enesis and the Ministry of Health, Education on Preventing Dengue Fever Through Coloring for Elementary School Children

Enesis and the Ministry of Health, Education on Preventing Dengue Fever Through Coloring for Elementary School Children

ASEAN Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever Day (ASEAN Dengue Day) which is celebrated every June 15 is a joint commitment of ASEAN countries to strengthen regional cooperation and commitment in efforts to combat Dengue and is subsequently held annually by all ASEAN member countries.

Taking part in commemorating Asean Dengue Day 2023, Enesis Group together with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia held an education on prevention of Dengue Fever  through a Coloring Contest which was held at the National Library of Indonesia, on Tuesday, 11 July 2023.

This event was opened by the P2PM Directorate of Arbovirosis Work through Dr. Agus Handito, SKM, M. Epid and attended by Enesis Group Head of Public Relations & Regulatory Affairs, Budi Satriyo and representatives from the DKI Jakarta Provincial Health Office, DKI Jakarta Provincial Education Office, Central Jakarta Health Sub-Department, and Central Jakarta Education Sub-Department .

Budi Satriyo said that Enesis Group through Soffell and Force Magic is committed to synergizing and collaborating with the government to prioritize public health, especially in preventing Dengue Fever. “This is an annual activity that we always do to continue providing education about the importance of doing 3M Plus for dengue prevention. Through this Coloring Contest activity, it is hoped that it can provide fun knowledge about how to prevent DHF through coloring media.” Budi said.


On this occasion, a practical practical test with Soffel was also presented which gained the enthusiasm of the students who wanted to try the effective test and prove that hands that have used Soffell will not be bitten by mosquitoes. This is part of education regarding the prevention of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever through 3M Plus, Closing, Draining, Recycling and using mosquito repellents. “Besides 3M, the plus is that you can use mosquito repellent. Such as greasing/spraying Soffell to avoid mosquito bites as self-protection, Soffell lotion and anti-mosquito spray lasts 8 hours. Currently, there is a new variant of Soffell Alamia which repels mosquitoes from natural leaves, is not sticky and feels cool on the skin and can also be used for children. For protection from mosquitoes in the room, you can use Force Magic aerosol with Formula 0.30 AE and Synergist technology to kill mosquitoes down to the mosquito’s nerves so that dead mosquitoes don’t wake up again, “Budi added.

Agus Handito expressed his appreciation to Enesis Group for helping in carrying out today’s activities, I hope this activity will be a reminder that prevention efforts can be carried out early on by all students in the school environment.

This activity was attended by 150 elementary school children throughout Central Jakarta, consisting of students at SDN Petojo Selatan 6, SDN Johar Baru 01 Pagi, SDN Paseban 11, SDN Rawasari 03 Pagi, SDN Cempaka Putih Barat 07, SDN Sumur Batu 08, SDN Kenari 07, Serdang 07 Elementary School, Tanah Tinggi 11 Morning Elementary School, Cempaka Baru Elementary School 07 Morning, Kenari 01 Elementary School, Paseban 15 Morning Elementary School, Harapan Mulia Elementary School 03 Morning, Gondangdia Elementary School 03, Menteng 03 Elementary School, Pegangsaan 01 Elementary School, Kebon Kelapa 02 Elementary School , SDN Kebon Melati 01, SDN Cideng 04, SD Gondangdia 05, SDN Menteng 02, SDN Petojo Selatan 01, SDN Johar Baru 09 AM, SDN Kebon Blank 01 AM, SDN Cideng 10, SDN Menteng 01, SDN Cideng 02, SDN Petojo Utara 13, SDN Cempaka Putih Barat 19 and SDN Cideng 13.