January 27, 2019

Dream House Comes True With Adem Sari

Houses are primary needs, a basic needs that must be met. Everyone has their own dream house, some want their house to have a large yard, or a swimming pool and so on. But not everyone has the opportunity to have a house the way they want. For those who are less fortunate, to have a simple house for a shelter is enough, although not decent.

Like Mr. Nimin (68 years old) and Mr Isan (62 years old), these two people have not been fortunate enough to get a good home for them to live with their families. At an advanced age, Mr. Nimin and Mr. Isan continued to work to fulfill their obligations as family heads to provide for their families. Mr. Nimin works as a cilok meatball seller and still has to support his mother-in-law, wife, children, and grandchildren, while Mr. Isan works as a road cleaning worker to provide for his wife, children, and 3 grandchildren.

Adem Sari together with GTV, helped realize the dream home for Mr. Nimin and Mr. Isan. The home renovation for Mr Nimin has been done on January 14, 2019 and Mr. Insan on January 27, 2019. This home renovation expected to help ease the burden, and help them and their families to have a better life.

Through this Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity, Adem Sari supports the formation of quality families through the construction of decent and healthy housing. Because a house other than as a place to live in but also functions as a center for guidance, family education, and preparation of the younger generation. Therefore, a decent and healthy home is a place for the future development of the Indonesian nation’s resources.