March 31, 2016

CSR of Prevention of Dengue Education WIth 3M Plus in Bandung

Throughout March 2016, PT Herlina Indah in collaboration with the Ministry of Health RI conducted dengue fever prevention (DHD) “3M Plus” education activities in 20 elementary schools (SD) and 4 communities in sub-districts both in Kota and Kabupaten Bandung, West Java. Activities that lasted until early April 2016 is a concrete manifestation of PT Herlina Indah’s commitment in running Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the field of DBD control.

The event which started at 07.00 am started with an animated video showing about mosquitoes that greeted enthusiastically by the students. The event was followed by a presentation from a local health center about dengue fever, mosquito life cycle, and prevention of dengue fever (DBD) with 3M Plus such as draining the tub, closing the water reservoir, and burying or recycling used goods, while the plus one is to apply repellent lotion to prevent mosquitoes bites. Not to forget, mosquito clown was presented to add a festive atmosphere in elementary schools

Not just education in Elementary School (SD), education also conducted in the community. More than 100 people packed the auditorium to listen to the doctor’s presentation after the residents cleaned up the surrounding neighborhood to avoid dengue fever (DBD).. Various interesting prizes have been prepared to increase the spirit of the residents who attend to be educated. This 3M Plus CSR activity will also be held in Bali Province and Malang Province, East Java.