February 13, 2021

Amunizers Helps Healthcare Workers and Patients Boost Immunity

Starting the new year 2021, the rate of positive cases of COVID-19 is increasing, the hospital capacity is also full. Health workers have to work even harder to treat patients. Even though the frontlines get top priority for vaccination, they still have to maintain their immune system.

One of the products from Enesis Group, 1000mg Vitamin C Amunizer was given to Cempaka Putih Islamic Hospital and Sukapura Islamic Hospital to maintain the immune system of health workers and also help heal COVID-19 patients who have no symptoms. This handover was symbolically given by, the Chairperson of the Enesis Indonesia Foundation.

“Health workers and patients need to increase their immune system to fight the virus that is inside them, so in addition to eating healthy food, exercising, getting enough sleep and taking vitamin supplements. Amunizer Vitamin C1000mg is a natural herbal drink made in Indonesia to maintain the immune system of the Indonesian people. Through this assistance, we hope that later Ammunizer can help increase their immune system,” said Elkana.

Ammunizer is an herbal supplement for immune system. The ammunizer has three advantages, namely to maintain body immunity because it combines 1000MG of Vitamin C and Zinc, a strong anti-oxidant derived from elderberry fruit which contains more Vitamin C than citrus fruit and contains anti-virus herbs from Lonisera, Forsitia, and Pilantus which help maintain maximum endurance.