December 11, 2017

Participation of Adem Sari In Joyful Event in Refugee Camp in Rendang, Bali

The festive atmosphere adorns the refugee shelter of natural disaster eruption of Mount Agung, precisely at Rendang post, Karangasem, Bali on Saturday, December 9, 2017. Adem Sari held an event which started from noon until night with various activities  that aims to entertain the refugees.

During the day, Adem Sari educates the refugees about the heatiness and its symptoms and how to cope it with Adem Sari. Not only that, the refugees are also invited to directly feel the effectiveness of freshness of Adem Sari, but before that, they have to eat fried food with chilli and then drinking Adem Sari together which followed by thousands of refugees.

The main event held at night with various entertaiment, such as performance by local musicians that got a rousing welcome from refugees.  Not only entertain the refugees with Adem Sari and else, Adem Sari also gave thousand of safety mask to prevent volcanic ash into breath that can be bad for their health.

Jane Selly (Product Manager of Adem Sari) explains, Adem Sari’s participation in this activity is one of a form of concern of Adem Sari of Gunung Agung natural disaster in Bali. “In addition, we also want to entertain the refugees with interesting activities and also want the refugees to feel the sensation of freshness of Adem Sari,” she added.