July 7, 2021

SOE Minister Appreciates Enesis in the Implementation of Vaccines

SOE Minister, Erick Thohir visited the Enesis Vaccination Center at Jakarta International Equestrian Park, East Jakarta accompanied by Enesis Group’s Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Ryan Tirta Yudhistira, General Chair of MES DKI Jakarta, Tito Maulana, Chair of Indonesia Response, Herie Marjanto, and General Chairperson GEMAWIRA, Lapian queued.

This visit is also in the context of handing over assistance from Enesis Group, in the form of 1 Million Antis Hand Sanitizer to the Minister of SOEs who is also the Head of the Center for the Islamic Economic Community (MES) to be given to all Indonesian people through Indonesia Response.

Erick Thohir said “In a historic place during the 2018 Asian Games, I saw a synergy and mutual cooperation between various parties to fight the pandemic. Similar to when we were doubted when we hosted the Asian Games, but finally managed to prove to the world that we can, so through this vaccination center, let’s once again prove that we can suppress positive cases of COVID-19 together too. The Enesis Vaccination Center is an example of collaboration between the private sector, the public, non-profit organizations, and the community with the government to jointly strengthen the vaccination program as an effort to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you for the participation of Enesis Group, the DKI Jakarta Sharia Economic Community (MES), Indonesia Response, and GEMAWIRA, who worked together to help the vaccination program. ” said Erick Thohir.