December 19, 2020

Enesis Group gives Amunizer and Antis to Wangaya Bali Hospital

As the front line, medical personnel still have to continue to struggle in dealing with patients infected with the corona virus. Enesis Group highly appreciates the services of medical personnel because the work they do is not easy and has a high risk of being exposed to the corona virus.

Through the Enesis Indonesia Foundation, Enesis Group gives appreciation and extra protection to medical personnel at the Wangaya Regional General Hospital in the form of 1000mg Vit C Amunizer, Antis Hand Sanitizer, Anti Germ Kispray and Eucalyptus Aromatherapy Oil Plssa for protection from the COVID-19 virus and Anti-Soffel Lotion. Mosquitoes for dengue protection.

The handover of this assistance was symbolically given to the Deputy Director of Wangaya Hospital, Anak Agung Putra Dhyana by the Chair of the Enesis Indonesia Foundation, Mrs. Elkana Lewerissa and RSM Bali Nusra, Doddy Kurniawan at Wangaya Hospital. The handover was also attended by Dandim 1611/Badung, Colonel Inf. I Made Alit Yudana, and Anya Geraldine, one of the Key Opinion Leaders of Enesis Group

Elkana said that we all hope that the pandemic will end soon and as a thank you for the struggle of medical personnel so far, we provide Vitamin C Ammunizer and Antis Hand Sanitizer so that medical personnel will continue to be protected. “This is a form of gratitude from Enesis Group for medical personnel, together we can also appreciate it in a simple way, namely staying obedient to this health protocol in order to protect yourself and your family,” said Elkana.