July 1, 2017 News

Vegeta In Cikampek dan Merak Toll Gates

Vegeta held an activity in  Cikampek KM 73 toll gate, as well as the Merak KM 98 toll gate to do sampling of 20,000 Vegeta Herbal and Vegeta orange products which are packaged in Sindo newspaper  “Jejak Mudik June 2017”  edition. The event which took place on June 22, 2017, aims to increase the trialship of Vegeta orange and Vegeta herbal products.

Vegeta realizes that when fasting, we sometimes get constipated. This happens because of the lack of water and fiber that enter the body when fasting. Therefore, with sampling of Vegeta products, it is expected that travelers or road users, especially riders who cross the Cikampek and Merak tolls, can avoid constipation after drinking Vegeta.

In addition, the activities are greeted with rousing by the riders also aims to increase brand awareness as a fiber supplement derived from natural herbs of choice that can help digestive health. On the same occasion, Vegeta is also doing placement ads in Sindo Newspaper and advertorial about constipation and the benefits of Vegeta.

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