January 23, 2024 News

Sales Annual Conference 2024 “Drive Fundamental for Sustainable Bussiness Growth”

As a means of communication and alignment for employees, especially the sales team, Enesis Group is holding the 2024 Sales Annual Conference with the theme “Fundamental Drive for Sustainable Business Growth”. The purpose of this event is to review business achievements in 2023 and provide complete and comprehensive information regarding business target priorities and company strategies to face the challenges of 2024.

This event was opened by Aryo Widiwardhono as Chief Executive Officer of Enesis Group. On this occasion he conveyed four things that should guide the behavior of the sales team at work.

First, continuous improvement of sales fundamentals through evaluating the effectiveness of work programs is something that every Enesis person must always do to maintain sales stability and sustainable growth.

Second, integrity is something that must live and grow in our daily work, don’t just become jargon. Company regulations must be the first reference, “can I do this?”, then ask our own conscience and religious teachings, and finally consult the people closest to us (teachers, mentors, or relatives).

Third, leadership must be interpreted as true leadership which is not just about climbing the ladder of accountability, but the transformation of each rung into a stepping stone for personal and professional growth. Each of us is a leader and as a leader we must always be proactive in creating solutions and being an inspiration for others.

Fourth, working effectively and efficiently, meaning that every business activity we carry out must run effectively and efficiently. Plan and choose a business strategy that has the greatest impact on the company and uses budget appropriately, a concept that accurately conveys the analogous strategy of less, bigger, and better.

Carrying the podcast concept which is currently becoming a trend among Indonesian people, it is hoped that the event which will take place online on Monday 22 January 2024 will attract the interest of participants to remain enthusiastic in receiving and understanding the presentation, targets and strategies presented by all channel heads involved in Sales Annual Conference 2024.

Completing the event to ensure smooth running and guiding the activity agenda were Febrian Tri Yunanta as Marketing MT Head and Eunice as Trade Marketing GT & PEB Head as Event MC.

In general, this event includes a series of presentations on Closing 2023 and Strategy 2024 from each Channel Head, Trade Marketing and Sales Support Function (DPD).

The aim of the 2024 Sales Annual Conference is that all participants understand and align with the company strategy that must be implemented to achieve the growth target of 12% vs 2023. It is hoped that with the 2024 Sales Annual Conference, all participants can align with the company and management strategy to achieve the target in 2024 so that there is top to bottom alignment.

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