January 25, 2024 News

Antam Hospital and Enesis Group Collaborate on Health Talk Nutrition to Improve Healthy Lifestyles

In commemoration of National Nutrition Day which is set on January 25 every year, the Enesis Pulo Gadung clinic collaborates with RS. Antam held a Health Talk Nutrition which was attended by representatives of all departments on January 24 2024 in the PT training room. Beautiful Herlina.

Health Talk Nutrition is a form of collaboration between the Enesis Group Clinic and considers Antam Medika Hospital as a Referral Hospital because Antam Medika Hospital’s facilities and services are good and it is located quite close to Enesis Group Pulo Gadung.

Health Talk Nutrition was opened by RM Ardiantara as HR Services, Reward & PR Dept. Head. On this occasion he said “Health Talk Nutrition was held to increase awareness of Enesis Group employees regarding good eating habits as one of the pillars of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and preventing non-communicable diseases and maintaining optimal nutritional intake plays a very important role in supporting occupational health so that workers can be more productive.”

Health Talk Nutrition was attended by 31 participants and the Enesis Pulo Gadung Clinic also collaborated with Antam Hospital to hold mini MCUs such as blood sugar, uric acid and cholesterol checks as well as BMI checks which were attended by 50 participants.

In the Health Talk Nutrition education, it is explained about calculating optimal nutritional status, workers’ daily nutritional needs, workers’ food standards, meal frequency, and examples of food menus to achieve appropriate nutritional intake. This was conveyed directly by the resource person, namely Khairnda Hardianti, S.Gz.

During the session, the participants enthusiastically asked about balanced nutrition for workers. This shows that the participants are interested in the event and it is hoped that this health talk can increase the participants’ knowledge about the importance of balanced nutrition and its impact on health. As Jimm Rohn said, “Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live in”, so start investing as well as possible in yourself, take care of your health and implement balanced nutrition. Because healthy workers can increase work productivity and a healthier quality of life.

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