May 6, 2019 News

Senam Sehat Scrubber Roadshow

Supporting a healthy lifestyle, Scrubber, a new product from Enesis Group held an activity called “Senam Sehat Scrubber” in several cities in Indonesia. This activity is carried out to campaign a healthy life movement through aerobics to visitors at Car Free Day (CFD). The “Senam Sehat Scrubber” activity also aims to introduce Scrubber as a healthy fresh orange ice drink, containing various fibers and prebiotics that are beneficial for digestive health to the public.

Scrubber is present as a solution for modern people who are busy and have no time to consume vegetables and fruits to meet daily fiber needs. Based on data from the Research and Development Center of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, the fiber consumption of the Indonesian people averages only 10.5 grams per day. In fact, the minimum standard of fiber consumption recommended by the Indonesian Food and Drug Administration is 30 grams. Answering these needs, Scrubber is present as a practical solution in consuming fiber.

Renny Yuliani (Product Manager Scrubber) explained that Scrubber is suitable for people who are busy but still take care of their health so that they need something practical to help with their daily fiber needs. “Scrubbers can also be an alternative choice for people who do not like or cannot eat vegetables or fruit but are aware of the importance of consuming fiber for health because Scrubber contains a variety of fibers consisting of soluble and insoluble fiber to meet daily fiber requirements and contain prebiotics also as food for good bacteria in digestion, so it is good to be consumed to help digestive health, “Renny added.

The “Senam Sehat Scrubber” activity was enlivened by music entertainment and various games with interesting prizes. “Senam Sehat Scrubber” has been held in several cities in Indonesia, such as Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Karawang and will be held in other cities.

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