January 17, 2018 News

Roadshow of Kispray Gold in Cloth Market

From January to February 2018, Kispray Gold held a roadshow event in the cloth market in several areas in Indonesia, such as Kudus (Kliwon market), Medan (Petisah market). Bandung (Baru Market), Malang (Besar Market), Pekalongan (Banjarsari Market), Yogyakarta (Beringharjo Market), and Lombok (Cakra Market). On this event, Kispray set up an educational booth selling with promos and interesting gimmicks. According to Rio Sumadiwangsa (Product Manager of Kispray), the roadshow activities in the cloth markets aims to introduce the latest variant of Kispray Gold.

In addition, Kispray also held a demonstration on how to iron with Kispray Gold and also held a ironing contest in the booth with lots of prizes which enthusiastically welcomed by visitors. To enliven the atmosphere, ironing competitions are also being held, so that the consumers can experience of how easy to ironing the clothes with Kispray Gold and also to experience the luxury of Kispray Gold.

Not only that, Sales Promotion Girls (SPG) of Kispray also did sampling of Kispray Gold booklet, as well as informed that Kispray has now got halal certificate from MUI and educate the visitors about the importance of using Kispray Gold with luxurious perfume that provides luxurious and durable fragrance and its anti-germ ingredient can effectively kills the germs that cause fungus and odor on clothes.

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