February 17, 2024 News

Plossa Mini, Antis, and Adem Sari Win the 2024 Indonesia Healthcare Award from SWA Magazine

Enesis Group is one of the FMCG companies that has successfully produced high quality health and personal care products, so with this great commitment it is not uncommon for Enesis Group to receive awards for health care products.

In fact, our newest product which was recently launched, namely Plossa Mini, has won a quite prestigious award, namely winner in the Aromatherapy Medicated Oil category at the 2024 Indonesia Healthcare Award organized by SWA Magazine. This award is proof that the Enesis Group has succeeded in providing quality product innovation and supporting the health of the Indonesian people.

The Plossa Mini only launched in early 2024, but its charm and benefits have already caught on; attracted the attention of the jury and the wider public with its unique formula. Developed with the latest technology and natural ingredients, Plossa Mini can provide a refreshing aromatherapy effect and can relieve various health complaints experienced by people, especially complaints related to stress.

Apart from Plossa Mini, other superior products from the Enesis Group also won awards from the Indonesia Healthcare Award 2023. Antis, as one of the germ-free hand sanitizer products that has a variety of aroma choices, was successful in becoming the winner in the Hand Sanitizer category.

Meanwhile, a superior product that is well known to the public, namely Adem Sari, a cooling drink that relieves heartburn containing vitamin C, also won an award at the same event, namely the Indonesia Healthcare Award 2024 in the Cooling Water category.

The Indonesia Healthcare Award 2024 is an important step in the journey of Plossa Mini, Adem Sari, Antis, and other Enesis Group products to continue to innovate in providing the best quality for consumers. Enesis Group is determined to continue to be a trusted partner in maintaining public health, because our vision is to make healthy products for healthy families.

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