February 27, 2024 News

Plossa, Enesis Group’s Superior Brand Wins Indonesia Top Digital PR Award 2024

Enesis Group is one of the Indonesian FMCG companies that focuses on providing quality health and personal care products such as Plossa Mini Refill. In realizing Enesis Group’s commitment to creating “Healthy Products for Healthy Families”, Enesis Group also provides innovation in building a positive and quality brand image.

This is also proven by the extraordinary achievements achieved by Enesis Group, especially the Plossa brand, in the leading award event, Indonesia Top Digital PR Award 2024. Plossa successfully won the Indonesia Top Digital PR Award 2024 in the aromatherapy wind oil category. Meanwhile, the Indonesia Top Digital PR Award 2024 was held at the Ballroom of the JW Marriott Hotel, Jakarta on Monday, February 26 2024, where the recipient of the award was represented by PR Senior Officer, Grisella da Lopez.

Responding to this extraordinary achievement, Enesis Group’s Head of Public Relations, RM Ardiantara stated, “We are very proud of this extraordinary achievement. This is clear proof that our investment in developing digital PR has produced significant results. We have succeeded in harnessing the power of content digital to create strong engagement with consumers and society at large.” said RM Ardiantara.

“Through this award, it proves that the dedication and extraordinary performance of the Enesis Group has succeeded in producing classy digital content and succeeded in building a positive image for the Plossa brand, meaning that the Enesis Group has successfully transformed from conventional PR to digital PR, which utilizes digital platforms such as cyber media. and social media are vital in building strong relationships with consumers,” added RM Ardiantara.

This achievement not only confirms Plossa’s position as a leader in the Aromatherapy Wind Oil industry, but also confirms Enesis Group’s commitment to maintaining quality and excellence in all aspects of communication and marketing.

With this achievement, Enesis Group has once again proven that we remain a leader in innovation and communication in the digital era. Plossa, with all its advantages and quality, remains the main choice for consumers who are looking for high quality and trusted aromatherapy wind oil products.

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