September 17, 2018 News

Pesta Adem With Adem Sari Ching Ku Herbal Tea

To spread the awareness of Adem Sari Ching Ku Herbal Tea among culinary lovers and to be closer to its target market, on September 16, 2018, Adem Sari Ching Ku held “Pesta Adem” in Yogyakarta, precisely at Getas field, Sleman. On this occasion, Adem Sari Ching Ku is not only established booth selling with sales package promos with interesting gimmicks but also did mobile selling activities by Adem Sari Ching Ku Sales Promotion Girls (SPG).

At the Adem Sari Ching Ku booth, a brief education was also given about the benefits and efficacy of Adem Sari Ching Ku Herbal Tea as a drink that can relieve heatiness in the body with herbal tea extract which can be consumed any time. The purpose of the “Pasar Adem” event is to increase brand awareness as a heatiness reliever drink that can be consumed at any time and also to increase the awareness of Adem Sari Ching Ku Herbal Tea as a friend to eat which is practically consumed after eating especially at a food festival or after a day of activities.

Not only food festivals, event which started at 2 PM until night time also presented exciting games, cooking competitions and gymnastics competitions which are followed by women, coloring competitions for children, and music performances with guest stars dangdut singer, Jihan Audy, which successfully added the excitement of the event.

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