October 30, 2023 News

Free Stroke Risk Factor Screening at World Stroke Day 2023

In commemorating World Stroke Day, National Brain Center Hospital Prof. Dr. Dr. Mahar Mardjono (PON Hospital) held a health-based event, namely “World Stroke Day 2023: Recognize and Control Stroke” in the Taman Mini Indonesia Indah area, East Jakarta on Sunday (29/10).

Apart from the PON Hospital, this event was initiated by the Ministry of Health and CNN Indonesia. Activities at the “World Stroke Day 2023: Recognize and Control Stroke” event include zumba, stroke exercise, cycling, start running, health talk shows, and sharing door prizes.

Apart from healthy fun activities, this event provides free health checks including blood tests for cholesterol; physiotherapy to check body balance; and examination of stroke risk factors.

The World Stroke Day 2023 event aims to invite people to be more concerned about the number one deadly disease in the world and Indonesia.

“In Indonesia, the data shows that stroke is a major disease with a figure of around 19.42 percent of total deaths in Indonesia due to this disease,” explained the Director General of Health Services of the Ministry of Health, Azhar Jaya to CNN Indonesia.

“If we look at the number, it is also increasing throughout the year. “From the results of the 2013 Riskesdas survey, it was around 7:1000 residents, and in 2018 it rose to 11:1000 residents,” he added.

As an FMCG company that produces health products and really cares about health issues, of course Enesis Group joined in enlivening this event by providing free health products to participants as a form of appreciation to the people who attended this event.

The enthusiasm of the participants in this event was also very large because many of them (participants) were happy to be able to get free examinations including early examination of stroke risk factors.

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