May 11, 2016 News

PT Sari Enesis Indah Participation in Writing Competition of BPOM RI

PT Sari Enesis Indah participated in the Writing Competition of BPOM RI 2016 Power Branding held by BPOM RI. Writing Competition Power Branding BPOM RI 2016 is a writing competition for journalists as an effort BPOM to get input from the public through mass media related to the performance of BPOM as one of the institutions in Indonesia. Not only that, this activity is a form of attention and appreciation BPOM to the media as a strategic partner who has worked together in providing information and education, especially about medicine and food to the community.

After the announcement of Power Branding Competition BPOM RI 2016 on February 10, 2016, the contest ended on March 31, 2016 and on Monday (9/5/2016) and announced the winners of the competition and ceremonial delivery of prizes held in the Hall Building of BPOM which also coincides with the celebration of “Food Safety Month: Future Investment”. The prize for the winners was handed over by the Head of BPOM RI, Roy Sparringa, accompanied by Director of Food Safety Surveillance (SPKP), Halim Nababan, and Corporate Marketing Communications Manager of PT Sari Enesis Indah, Dwianto Arif Wibowo.

The winners of Power Branding Competition BPOM RI 2016 namely Kisdiantoro from Tribun Jabar (First Winner) get prize of cash Rp 10.000.000, Abdul Gopur from Riau Pos (Second Winner) who get prize money worth Rp 7,000,000, and Iis Zatnika from Media Indonesia (3rd Winner) who get prize worth Rp 5,000,000. Not only that, there are also champions of Hope I to III who get interesting parcel from PT Sari Enesis Indah achieved by Aep Mulyanto from Suara Pemred (Champion of Hope I), Amirrudin Zuhri from Daily Jogja (Champion of Hope II), and Raymundus Rikang from Tempo Newspaper (Champion of Hope III).

The Writing Power Branding BPOM RI 2016 competition welcomed enthusiastically by the journalists, as evidenced, the papers that came in registration is 80 works consisting of 36 articles from print media and 44 articles from online media. BPOM RI hopes after getting input and criticism from the public through this mass media can make the performance of BPOM RI to be better again in the future.

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