July 1, 2016 News

New Proman : Green Spirit and Red Fire New Formula

To provide the demand for energy drinks with better taste, more exclusive packaging, and different from other energy drinks, Proman launched its newest variant, Proman Green Spirit with Sparkling Cider or Apple flavors that contains Multi High Concentrate Ginseng, Vitamins, Caffeine, and Minerals for Extra Long-Life. The launch of Promo Green Spirit is in in line with the introduction of Red Fire’s New Formula Proman, which has better formulas and flavors than ever before.

In the launching series of the new variant and the new formula, a series of activities such as roadshows to all of Enesis’s branches in Indonesia participated as one of the sponsors of the automotive exhibition otobursa “Tumplek Blek” in Senayan, as well as the sampling of Proman Red Fire New Formula of approximately 30,000 bottles at Cikarang Utama toll gateand Karang Tengah toll gate which was held in June 2016 ago.

According to Renny Yuliani (Product Executive Proman), the purpose of holding a series of activities undertaken at the launch of Proman Green Spirit and re-launching Proman Red Fire New Formula is to introduce Proman to the wider community both internal and external  to know more Proman and its benefit so that the stamina, freshness, and endurance of the body are maintained.

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