June 22, 2016 News

New Packaging of Adem Sari

To maintain the existence and penetration of Adem Sari as market leader in hot product category in sachet packaging in Indonesia, Adem Sari now has new packaging. The change is aimed to make Adem Sari look more modern and exclusive so that in accordance with the current market development.

Although Adem Sari already changed its packaging, but for the composition and efficacy of Adem Sari remain the same with the old packing Adem Sari. “In terms of composition and efficacy are still the same, only now Adem Sari has a new communication that is” Now More Practical, No Need to Mix “and eliminate the uncomfortable feeling after eating,” said Heryanto (Product Manager of Adem Sari).

With the change of packaging and new communication from Adem Sari is expected Adem Sari can improve its brand image as a regular beverage to eliminate heatiness in modern, exclusive, able to eliminate the uncomfortable feeling after eating and practical because its no need to stir again.

“Hopefully Adem Sari can be top in consumers’s mind and make Adem Sari as a regular drink that must be drink every day after eating, because it can remove uncomfortable feeling after eating and also prevent and alleviate heatiness and its symptoms,” added Heryanto.

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