December 13, 2019 News

Enesis Group National Meeting 2020

Welcoming the 2020, Enesis Group held the Enesis Group 2020 National Meeting on December 9-11 2019 at the Ancol Mercure Convention Center, Jakarta with the theme “20% Growth, Double Speed ​​and Compentences, Zero Tolerance of Delay and Failure”. This meeting was held to close ranks to discuss strategies and policies in 2020 and appreciate performance in 2019.

The 2020 National Meeting was opened with presentations by Mr. Budiman (Enesis Group Chief Operator) followed by presentations Mr. Ryan Tirta (Chief Marketing and Sales Officer), Mr. Andrew Bernardus (Chief Financial Officer), Mr. David Chendra (Chief Manufaturing Officer), Ms. Linda Susanto (Chief Audit Executive) and Ms. Rini Yuliani (Chief Marketing Research Officer). In addition to the work meeting, the participants were invited to attend a seminar hosted by Steve Sudjatmiko on “Creating a Great Future in the Era of Disruption”

The same opportunity, there was given appreciation to the Marketing Sales & Distribution team, the following winners:

Best GT ASDH MM1, Sarmin (ASDH Jabodetabek)

Best GT RSDH MM1, Heri Sutarno (RSDH Jabodetabek)

Best GT ASDH MM2 – RTD, Marlina (ASDH Jabodetabek)

Best GT RSDH MM2 – RTD, Ronny Wishnu (RSDH Jabodetabek)

Best GT ASDH MM2 – FOOD SACHET, Hamzah (ASDH Makassar)

Best GT RSDH MM2 – FOOD SACHET, Heri Sutarno (RSDH Jabodetabek)

Best MT ASDH MM1, Novanda Dwi Yuhastiko (ASDH Bali)

Best MT KAM MM1, Hardy Purhalim

Best MT ASDH MM2, Chaerully Renggala (ASDH Makassar)

Best MT KAM MM2, Sanny Martin

BEST BRAND MM1, Suriadi Sumadiwangsa (Kispray)

BEST BRAND MM2, Diki Rustaman (Adem Sari Chingku)

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