August 6, 2018 News

Kota Adem Roadshow With Adem Sari

Starting from July 2018, until October 2018, Adem Sari held “Kota Adem” roadshow in Tasikmalaya, Surabaya, Yogyakarta and Central Java. In that event which held in markets near those areas, Adem Sari established a selling booth with various promos and interesting gimmicks. To educate market visitors, at the Adem Sari booth, there is also held direct education to consumers about Adem Sari’s new packaging and formula which now it does not need to be stirred again and has been proven to be effective in relieving heatiness and its symptoms, and also can ease the feeling of nausea, especially after eating oily foods. hot, and spicy.

Not only that, Adem Sari also held a big bang event every week in each region which is filled with various activities such as gymnastics competitions, coloring competitions attended by children, and community competitions such as tug of war competitions, clogs competition, and sack race. As has been the characteristic of the Adem Sari event, at Kota Adem roadshow, there is also an event of drink Adem Sari together which attended by hundreds of visitors. The visitors were invited to prove the efficacy of Adem Sari by first eating hot and spicy fried food, and then drinking Adem Sari together.

The purpose of the Adem City roadshow was held in addition to increase Adem Sari’s brand awareness as a brand of heatiness reliever powder and the symptoms, according to Jane Selly (Product Manager of Adem Sari), this event also aimed to educate that Adem Sari should not only be consumed during heatiness attacks, but it can also be consumed every day, regularly, especially after eating oily, fatty and spicy foods.

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