March 24, 2024 News

Enesis Group Present at ANTV Ramadhan Festival

The ANTV Ramadhan Festival is a routine program held in various cities in Indonesia. This year, the ANTV Ramadhan Festival opened at the Amaliyah Ciawi Mosque Square in Bogor on March 23 2024. This festival includes a series of interesting activities and was also attended by a number of Indonesian artists.

As an Indonesian FMCG company that produces health products, Enesis Group also enlivened the event by opening a Plossa booth from 10.00 WIB to 22.00 WIB. The activities in the booth include sales and education about Plossa products. The mechanism for selling Plossa at this event is that for every purchase of 1 pc of Regular Plossa, there is a free Plossa Mini Refill for Rp. 16,500,-, for purchasing 2 Plossa Mini Refills, free refill for Rp. 15,000,- and for every purchase of 2 Plossa packages you can get a free 10 minute massage. Meanwhile, the education provided is about how to fill the Plossa Mini Refill.

Through this ANTV Ramadhan Festival event, it is hoped that Plossa can become a product that is useful and memorable for all visitors who attend.

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