January 20, 2022 News

Enesis Group Holds Media Gathering “Appreciation Day from Enesis Group” in Early 2022

Enesis Group held a Media Gathering on Wednesday (19/01) at Teras Senayan Avenue, Central Jakarta. Taking the theme “Appreciation Day From Enesis Group”, this activity was carried out offline and was attended directly by the Chief Sales & Marketing Officer of Enesis Group, Head of Public Relations of Enesis Group, representatives of the Brand Manager of Enesis Group and their media partners who were also present at the event by implementing strict health protocol.

Enesis Group held this activity as a form of appreciation to media partners who throughout the past year have played an important role in the company’s journey in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic situation through the publication of positive news about the company’s activities and programs.

Enesis Group’s Head of Public Relations, Elkana Lewerisa said that the media is currently an integral part of the company’s journey and achievements. Therefore, this activity was carried out as a form of company appreciation for the contributions of media partners so far.

“Enesis Group is very grateful for the contribution of media partners in helping us publish positive news related to the company’s programs and activities so far and have become an important part of the company’s development,” he said.