September 28, 2023 News

Enesis Group Participates in Commemoration of the Prophet’s Birthday

The birthday of the Prophet Muhammad SAW is commemorated by Muslims in some parts of Indonesia as a form of love of Muslims for the Prophet Muhammad SAW and gratitude for the birth of the Prophet Muhammad SAW. People in each region have their own way of celebrating the Prophet’s birthday, for example in Yogyakarta the celebration of the Prophet’s birthday is marked by the Sekaten tradition.

Enesis Group also participated in the celebration of the Prophet’s birthday. On September 27 2023, Enesis Group held an event to commemorate the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad SAW at the Baitussalam Mosque, Pulo Gadung.

The event began with midday prayers in congregation, then continued with tausyiah by Habib Syafiq bin Ali bin Sheikh Abubakar bin Salim, and the final activity was eating food together provided by the Prophet’s birthday committee.

The meaning taken in the event of the Prophet’s birthday aims to emulate the characteristics of the Prophet Muhammad SAW which are applied in everyday life and to preserve his teachings as a guide to life for Muslims to avoid error.

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