May 12, 2015 News

Education on Dengue Fever by Soffell in Malang

The high number of people who suffered from Dengue Fever in Malang, East Java, encouraged Soffell through its program called “Kotaku Bebas DBD” (“My City is Free from Dengue Fever”) to educate students from 18 Primary Schools at 3 subsdistricts of Malang such as Turen, Pakisaji, and Gedangan, collaborating with local Clinics with a goal of increasing the awareness of preventing dengue fever as early as possible.

Dr. Endang Giarwanti, Public Relations Head of Soffel, suggested on Thursday, 7 May 2015, that the educating activity in several schools in Malang showed Soffel’s social contribution and care towards the community. The objective of this program was to inform students about how to prevent themselves from getting dengue fever, and it was expected that they would care more on health and improve their environment so to keep them away from dengue fever.

The reason why Soffell chose Malang for performing its program since Malang was one of the cities in East Java that experienced Extraordinary Incident of dengue fever in last January 2015. In addition, Malang was categorized as a city where its inhabitants mostly have lack of knowledge about this infectious fever, it’s shown from the significant number of the people who were suffering from it.
“Children are prone to this fever and have a high risk of getting infected by it. Therefore, we educate them so they would be more aware of this dangerous disease and inform their parents as well on taking the right actions to prevent the outbreak,” said Dr. Endang.
Besides educating activity in schools, Soffel also educated the local community in 6 subsdistricts in Malang. To make the program more appealing for the people, Soffell did some edutainment activities such as games and other fun activities. The closing program of “Kotaku Bebas DBD” was held on Saturday and Sunday, in May 2015 by holding music performances, gave away doorprize, and Soffell proof test.

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