February 22, 2023 News

To Support the Acceleration of the Second Booster Vaccine, Enesis Group Holds Vaccinations for Employees

Since January 24, 2023 the Ministry of Health has issued a policy of giving a second booster for the general public aged 18 years and over. Enesis Group in collaboration with the Cakung District Health Center held Covid-19 Booster 1 and 2 Vaccinations for all Enesis employees on 17 & 20 February 2023 at the Lobby of Marketama Indah, East Jakarta.

Mr. Budi Hermawan as Enesis’ Head of Human Resource stated that “The Booster Vaccine Program in cooperation with Enesis and the Cakung Health Center, East Jakarta, is a form of Enesis Management’s commitment to preventing covid19 in the work environment, family and Enesis employees. With the enactment of the Instruction of the Minister of Home Affairs Number 53 of 2022 concerning Prevention and Control of Covid-19 During the Transitional Period Towards Endemic in Indonesia, it does not mean that Enesis directly does not implement covid-19 prevention at all, in this case Enesis Management continues to implement the covid-19 prevention protocol. 19, one of which is the use of masks for employees in the work environment. It is hoped that the use of masks will become a habit for Enesis employees in their daily lives, in addition to reducing the risk of transmission of Covid-19, it also serves to prevent the transmission of employee diseases through breathing.”

The vaccination activity which was carried out for 2 days was attended by 562 Enesis employees and the type of vaccine used was the Pfizer vaccine and the vaccine dose was given according to the vaccination history of each employee.

Seeing the enthusiasm of the employees in the Covid-19 booster vaccine program, the plan is to continue in collaboration with the Cakung Health Center, East Jakarta, and it is possible that there will be collaboration with the Community Health Centers which are close to the Cikarang and Ciawi Enesis plants.”

Even though the Covid-19 transmission rate and the status of imposing restrictions on community activities (PPKM) have been revoked, that does not mean that we are negligent in fighting this virus. Booster vaccine is one step to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Not only getting the vaccine, employees who have received the second booster are entitled to get healthy which will be distributed by the committee.

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