February 5, 2024 News

Consumer Gathering at Wholesale Tanoshi Mulia Jaya

Gathering is a group gathering activity that is packaged as a fun event. Usually this gathering is a means of entertainment for a certain group.

This time, Enesis Group was present at the Tanoshi Mulia Jaya Wholesale Consumer Gathering event which was held on the front page of the Tanoshi Mulia Jaya Wholesale Tulungagung on February 4 2024.

In this gathering event, Enesis received a free open booth from Wholesaler Tanoshi Mulia Jaya. This wholesaler is one of the Pareto wholesalers in East Java who is loyal and has had a good relationship with the Enesis Group for a long time.

The Enesis Group’s participation in this consumer gathering event was by opening a booth selling all Enesis Group brands and free sampling of Adem Sari Ching Ku Sparkling with a total audience reached of 250 people.

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