July 26, 2019 News

Launch of Antis New Variant, Antis Jasmine Tea!

After succeeding as a pioneer of hand sanitizer in Indonesia with Antis Cucumber and Lime, Enesis Group (PT. Herlina Indah) again made a breakthrough by launching a new variant of “Antis Jasmine Tea” hand sanitizer product. This new variant is a testament to the commitment of Enesis Group as a leading hand sanitizer producer in Indonesia that constantly innovates to deliver a range of quality products.

In the launch of the new Antis Jasmine Tea variant which took place at Tokopedia Tower, Jakarta, Budiman Goh (COO Enesis Group) said, “Endless innovation and creation are the hallmarks of Enesis Group. Antis Jasmine Tea itself is a hand sanitizer product with the aroma of jasmine tea which we created as a new freshness for consumers who want to be free of germs and eliminate bad odors in the hands. The unpleasant odor that often arises from sharp-smelling foods such as chili sauce and other unpleasant smells in the hands such as the smell of cigarettes which often disturbs, can now be removed with the aroma of jasmine tea from Antis Jasmine Tea. The aroma of jasmine tea is easily accepted by the people of Indonesia, because of its natural and familiar aroma so it is suitable for use after or before meals, or in daily activities, “said Budiman.

Tegar Baskoro (Group Product Manager Antis) said that there are no similar products that have benefits such as Antis Jasmine Tea, in 4 seconds it can kill germs and eliminate unpleasant odors with the aroma of jasmine tea. “Antis is capable of killing 99% of germs in 4 seconds, containing volatile formulas so that it is not left in hand, soft on the skin because it contains moisturizers, and fragrant jasmine tea, the formula used is the flavor of jasmine tea instead of using ordinary perfume fragrance.” Tegar said.

The launch of Antis Jasmine Tea collaborates with Tokopedia, one of the largest e-commerce sites in Indonesia at this time, “Tokopedia is developing and is widely used by millennials, according to the target market of Antis Jasmine Tea, millennials, so this time the collaboration collaborated with Tokopedia” Tegar added.

Jessica Stephanie Jap (AVP of Business Tokopedia) revealed, “Hand hygiene tends to be considered a small thing but has a significant impact on public health. Therefore, we welcome the cooperation and appreciate the steps of Enesis Group to play a role in improving the quality of public health in Indonesia by presenting Antis Jasmine Tea variant Bottle products anti-germicidal hands online. Therefore, starting this Friday (07/19/19), people can start a healthy life through simple steps by getting a variant of Jasmine Tea Antis Botol products only on Tokopedia.

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