May 22, 2023 News

Adem Sari RTD Honey Lemon Tea Participates in Nanyang Zhi Hui Anniversary

In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of Nanyang Zhi Hui School. Adem Sari RTD (ready to drink) Madu Lemon Tea took part in a healthy walk on May 21 2023 at the CBP Polonia Complex, Medan-North Sumatra.

Enesis Group through the brand Adem Sari RTD Madu Lemon Tea provided 240 pieces of assistance to the healthy walk participants. This assistance was given directly by Rahmad Hidayat as the Brand Activity Executive (BAE) of North Sumatra.

In addition to providing RTD drink assistance to the health walk participants, the area team held a product sales activity for Adem Sari Madu RTD Lemon Tea with a promo for purchasing 2 bottles of Adem Sari Chingku Madu Lemon Tea free of 1 bottle of Adem Chingku RTD Madu Lemon Tea.

It didn’t stop there, product education was also implemented by SPGs to customers that Adem Sari as a local product contains high Vitamin C and natural herbs which has been recognized for 33 years. Apart from the Adem Sari sachet, which has been famous since ancient times, now Adem Sari also has RTD drinks, one of which is the newest variant, namely Adem Sari RTD Madu Lemon Tea.

Adem Sari RTD Madu Lemon Tea is a honey lemon tea drink that can refresh and cool the body made from a blend of herbal extracts (chrysanthemum, wheat grass, mesona), a blend of tea leaf extract (green tea, black tea & oolong tea), juice (lemon , lime), honey and high Vitamin C.

Besides having high Vitamin C, Adem Sari RTD Madu Lemon Tea provides a fresh and cool sensation for the body and can help keep the body fit from symptoms of heartburn. Adem Sari RTD Honey Lemon Tea is also suitable for drinking during hot weather and friends eating hot, spicy and oily food, so you can avoid heartburn symptoms such as dry throat, canker sores, and chapped lips.

With the selling and educational activities in this health walk event, it is hoped that the participants will be able to recognize and always consume Adem Sari RTD Madu Lemon Tea which is very suitable to give freshness to the body when drunk but also provides benefits to the body.

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