March 4, 2024 News

Adem Sari Enlivening Makan Receh Festival Trans 7 2024

As an FMCG company that always produces health products for healthy families, of course Enesis Group also presents refreshing products that can make the body healthy, such as Adem Sari. Adem Sari is proud to be involved in one of the main sponsors of the 2024 Receh Eating Festival, this festival is organized by a private TV station, namely Trans 7.

This event will be held on March 2-3 2024 at Senayan Park. As the main sponsor, Adem Sari enlivened the event by opening a booth at the event which of course not only sells Adem Sari products, but also displays various exciting activities and special offers for visitors.

Adem Sari’s presence at the 2024 Makan Receh festival is not only as the main sponsor, but as a partner of one of the contemporary food tenants, namely Mie Jebew. This collaboration is in the form of a sales offer, namely that every purchase of Jebew noodles will be accompanied by a bottle of Adem Sari RTD. Of course, this combination of concepts can attract visitors because the spicy and hot sensation of jebew noodles is very suitable to be served with the freshness of Adem Sari RTD.

Makan Receh Festival 2024 is expected to be a lively event for culinary lovers and fans of television shows. Apart from enjoying a variety of delicious dishes at affordable prices, visitors can also enjoy various entertainment and interesting activities prepared by the committee.

Through Adem Sari’s contribution as the main sponsor, it is also hoped that Makan Receh Festival Trans 7 2024  can be more lively and memorable for all visitors who attend.

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