October 18, 2013 News

Adem Sari & ForceMagic Earned Indonesia Most Recommended Brands 2013

A marketing phenomenon that developed in the year 2013 includes the increasing number of consumers who dare to talk regarding a brand either positive or negative. It is directly proportional to the increasing number of communication media that is available making it easier for consumers to reveal the contents of their heart. This phenomenon shows that consumers nowadays are increasingly critical and concerned over the brand that they are using.

Indonesia Most Recommended Brands 2013 is an award that is given to brands that managed to be the Word of Mouth (WOM) in the society that affect the promotion and selling of a brand. Survey to look for Most Recommended Brand held by SWA magazine and Obnee Research Marketing involving 1.793 respondents in 7 cities which is Jabodetabek, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, Medan, Makassar and Denpasar since April to June 2013.

In the survey, two of the leading brandEnesis Group which is Adem Sari earned the title Indonesia Most Recommended Brands 2013 each for category of Internal Heat Reliever Solution and Anti Mosquito Spray.

Measurement of the most recommended brand is determined based on Word of Mouth (WOM) index which is calculated through three dimensional average value, which is talking, promoting and selling. Value of each dimension translated into indicators that describes the extent to which respondent discuss, share the experience of using the brand, recommend and refused the negative image of a brand, and affect the behavior and other consumer over a brand.

Indonesia Most Recommended Brands 2013 achieved by Adem Sari proves that Enesis Group always strives to present quality products that can deliver greater value to the health of Indonesian families.