December 12, 2012 Event

Vegeta Encourages Medan Community to Emphasize on The Important of Fiber Consumption

Implementing the habit on fiber consumption seems still to be difficult to be changed because it relates to the factor of bustle, habits, and preference on certain nourishment. Emphasizing the life style through the implementation adequate fiber consumption patterns become the agenda that is carried out by Vegeta. Motivated by the care of healthy life style, Vegeta carries out the series educational activities on healthy digestion that held in several big cities of Indonesia.

One of the big cities that become the target of Vegeta activation is Medan, North Sumatera. The healthy educative activity has two primary objectives to be achieved, namely increasing and maintaining the loyalty of consumer as well looking for the target of new consumers for the product of Vegeta in Medan, also developing the positive image toward the product of Vegeta in the sight of consumers as the flagship brand that capable to provide the need of daily fiber, particularly for the Medan community.

As we have seen with that fiber is useful to smooth defecation and to avoid constipation, hemorrhoids, to control weight loss/ to help diet, to avoid colon cancer and to control cholesterol, as well to decrease the risk of heart disease. Yet, the habit on fiber consumption seems have not been implemented by among Indonesian. As the supplement of fiber, Vegeta carries the tagline “Natural Fiber For the Health of Digestion” sought to continue to intensify the consumption of fiber among the community through making the approach in the form of educative activity that is held attractively.

Activities that are carried out by Vegeta on each visit, such as the education on the important of fiber consumption for the health of digestion that is delivered by the doctor, interactive quiz, product selling, and joint gymnastics. It is preceded with the activity of joint gymnastics then continued with educative session delivered by the doctor makes the activity successfully attracts participation of Medan residents. Some groups of the community that are the target of focus of the healthy educative program that carried out by Vegeta, such as group of diabetes, the elderly, and outdoor aerobic club. Gymnastics and healthy educative activity are commonly concentrated at Friday up to Sunday, however, it is possible to be implemented at another day.

Particularly for healthy education activity, Vegeta deliberately invites doctor as the spoke person to better educate Medan residents who turn out to be minimum knowledge on the health of digestion. The enthusiasm of the participants are seen from their participation in asking the inquiry to doctor during the educative session takes place. This session is deliberately taken advantage by Vegeta to create the interaction between doctor and participants so that the perception of the educative session participant toward the product of Vegeta can be recognized.

Reason on the choice of Medan as the location of the digestion educative program by Vegeta, such as refers to the data of RISKESDA (Basic Health Research) of North Sumatera Province that collects the frequency data and serving fruits and vegetables intake, through counting the number of day within a week and the number of the average serving per day in 2007. The result shows that totally 5,5% of the residents of North Sumatera age >10 who consume fibrous food in accordance with the recommendation 25 gram/ day.

In order to sound out the important of fiber consumption of the health of digestion, Public Relation of the Enesis Group also held several activities that involve the participation from either medical community or mass media. Activity that is carried out at the last 6 December 2012 in Hotel Grand Elite, Medan are Round Table Discussion and Media Briefing. These activities are attended by 21 doctors and 27 medical journalists of Medan that come from printing and online media, and radio.
The three key messages that sounded out through the activity of Round Table Discussion and Media Briefing are the important of fulfilling the need of fiber to maintain the health of digestion, the fact of disease that caused by the lack of fiber consumption, as well the role of fiber supplement to help fulfill the need of daily fiber of the resident of Medan.

On the activity of Round Table Discussion and Media Briefing, Prof. Gontar Alamsyah Siregar who are the dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the North Sumatera University presents as the Spoke person, accompanied by Nadia Belinda, Vegeta Product Manager who synergized discussing the important fact of fiber consumption, particularly for the resident of Medan, the North Sumatera. Result of the Round Table Discussion and Media Briefing can be considered satisfactory, there are 23 media exposures from 15 online media and 8 local media publish the news that is carried out by Vegeta.

Other than Medan, other destination cities that become the focus of the health education activity of digestion carried out by Vegeta are Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, and Bali. As from the beginning of July up to November 2012, this program has successfully touched 200 communities through the activity of joint gymnastics in each city.

Titi Herawati as Brand Activation Executive said, “We expect after the series of educative program that are carried out in several cities in Indonesia that has successfully touched 200 group communities can increase the sale of Vegeta and develop the healthy life style through the fulfillment of fiber for the Indonesian family”. (Indonesia)