June 28, 2013 Event

Vegeta and PKK of North Sumatera Province Partnership

Minimum standards of fiber consumption recommended by POM RI of 30 grams apparently still difficult to applied by the people of Indonesia. Learning from this, on Thursday, June 27th 2013, Vegeta held a healthy seminar which is also followed by media briefing activity together with health reporter with the theme “Family Digestive Health Solutions”. Took place in hotel Emerald Garden Medan, Vegeta seeks to echo the importance of eating fiber-rich food sources by engaging the support of PKK of North Sumatera Province team of movers.

Present as the guest speaker Hj. Sutias Handayani (PKK of North Sumatera Province Chairman), Dr. Masrul Lubis Sp.PD-KGEH (Internist Consultant at Adam Malik Hospital Medan) and Dwianto Arif (Marketing Communication Manager of PT Sari Enesis Indah). This event was attended by the invited representatives of TP PKK of North Sumatera Province cadres and the health section journalists (newspapers, radio, television & online media in Medan) aims to educate the importance of fiber consume to support the family digestive health.

Vegeta consistency in the field of urging people of Medan to pay attention the intake of fiber in their daily diets has been done since the year of 2012 by organizing various educational activities group of women and health seminar for the Doctors. This year, Vegeta continue to do a various of community education by targeting 90 points/community to resocialize the importance of fiber intake such as gathering group, recitals, gymnastic community/government institution or PKK community. Not to forget, Vegeta approach to the society in Medan is woven through a various live talk show program with the topic of “The Fiber Role for Digestive Health” in Medan FM on June 26th 2013, City Radio FM & Symphony FM on June 27th 2013.

It is expected that the establishment of partnership between Vegeta and the TP PKK of North Sumatera Province, the mass media and the health professionals, can provide the proper and effective education for the society in Medan to starts paying attention of fiber intake within their family as a part of healthy lifestyle.