November 23, 2014 Event

Kispray Kompasianival 2014

There is an expression that says “don’t judge the book by its cover”. However, in practice, is there anyone who does not want to look attractive appearance? Based on a psychology study, appearance is the most influential factor in building one’s confidence. When someone feels that they are attractive, their confidence will automatically increase. Nice-looking appearance is not only about how to mix and match clothes, yet the clothes cleanliness is the most important thing that should be noted. “Improving Confidence through Appearance” is a current campaign of Kispray along with the launching of Kispray Antikuman.

During its launching event, Kispray is collaborating with Kompasiana to hold several activities, such as “Kispray Nangkring”, a talkshow held during the Kompasianival 2014. In that event, Kispray invites Diana Rikasari (a fashion blogger) & dr. Trina Yulianti who will share some tips regarding confidence through appearance. The visitors who attend the talkshow will have a chance to write a reporting blog on Kispray activities in Kompasiana with the total gift of IDR 3,500,000 for 3 winners. During the Kompasianival activities, Kispray also will open a booth with various interactive activities, such as photo booth, games, and social media.

Suriadi Sumadiwangsa (Product Manager of Kispray) expressed that antiseptic formula, such as the composition of alkyl dimethylbenzyl and ammonium chloride has been proven by the microbiology laboratory test results of Bogor Agricultural Institute to be able to effectively kill the bacteria and fungi with the power of more than 99%. Thus, Kispray Antikuman can effectively kill the germs completely, provides long-lasting fragrance, and makes the clothes ironing process easier, so the clothes are clean, germ-free, and fragrant. Kispray also invites people to share their stories on how to build confidence through appearance in a Kispray Antikuman blog competition, which will be held on December 21, 2014, with some fascinating prizes including Ipad Mini, Samsung Galaxy Tab, & Camera SLR Sony – H400 for the three main winners.