August 25, 2019 Event

Family Gathering, Launching Super Apps “Enesmart” dan Coolant Lychee

In the 31st birthday, Enesis Group held a joint event to appreciate the performance of Enesis employees with the theme “Enesis Family Love
Enesis Products “. This event was held on Saturday, August 24, 2019, in Water Kingdom Mekarsari, Bogor, West Java and attended by around 3000 employees and their families.

The event was enlivened with the distribution of Enesis Championship prizes for all employees who participated in the August 17, 2019 competition held at the Plant Pulo Gadung, Ciawi, and Cikarang. Also held games like Joget Plossa Pikerolin, Singing Contest “Banyak Naymuk di Rumahku” by Soffell, Singing Contest “Diobok-obok” by Kispray and the distribution of door prizes to all Enesis employees.

On the same occasion, Enesis Group launched a super app called ENESMART. ENESMART is an exceptional digital-based promotion house that was presented for Enesis consumers. Not only that, the excitement on this Birthday was also enlivened with the presence of a new variant of Coolant, a hypotonic drink, namely Coolant Lychee.