May 15, 2011 Event

Enesis Participation in The 46th National Health Day Exhibition

In order to celebrate the 46th Annual National Health Day, which are held on every 12 November, The Ministry of Health of Republic Indonesia organized a mass exercises and healthy products exhibition event at Lapangan Monas, Jakarta.

In the 2010 National Health Day, the theme was “Healthy Family, The Nation’s Investation”. The exhibition was held between 13th & 14th of November 2010, and was opened by Dr. Endang Sedyaningsih, as the Minister of Health.

Enesis participated by providing free information to visitors regarding health issues, such as the health of digestive system, how to prevent dengue fever, how to relieve heatiness and sore throat, and the importance of hand cleanliness.

The event which was started from 6 PM raised some important messages from The Ministry of health in the hope of improving the quality of health standard to Indonesian society, and at the same time improving the nation’s investation. (Indonesia)