November 1, 2016 News

Sensasi Ademnya Kotaku By Adem Sari

From September to October 2016, the “Sensasi Ademnya Kotaku” was held in 3 urban villages in Serang, Banten. In this event, Adem Sari held selling Adem Sari to residents with various promos and interesting gimmick. Not only that, on the occasion also held a direct education to consumers about Adem Sari new packaging and inform the unique selling point (USP) new from Adem Sari i.e no need to stir and eliminate the uncomfotable feeling or nausea after eating.

At the big bang event held every Sunday, hundreds of residents participated in the event filled with various activities such as gymnastic together, as well as games and door prizes with various attractive prizes. Not only that, at the big bang event, also held a competition to cook spicy and oily foods such as rendang, sambal balado, curry, and others which followed by local residents. Not to forget, education of drinking Adem Sari (GOLD) was also presented to more echoing the drinking benefits of Adem Sari to residents. .

Bayu Purbayoso (Brand Activation Executive Adem Sari) explains, the activity “Sensasi Ademnya Kotaku” aims to increase brand awareness of Adem Sari as a refreshing juice drink that is able to prevent and treat heatiness and its symptoms in and maintain endurance and improve consumer consumption of Adem Sari. Bayu further said that the plan of similar activities will also be held in other cities in West Java.