March 9, 2024 News

Sales Academy 2024

As one of the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies known for its vision and mission of healthy products for healthy families, it is again carrying out its commitment to improving the quality of its sales team through the implementation of the Sales Academy. The Sales Academy event was held as a form of Enesis Group’s response to the need for competency standardization in the sales sector which has not been maximally fulfilled.

Sales Academy 2024 will take place on 6-8 March 2-2024, the opening of the Sales Academy will be held at the El Royale Hotel Jakarta, while on 7-8 March 2024 it will be held in the Herlina Indah Training Room, 3rd Floor. The event which will last for two days is the Kick Off Leadership Training for RSM (Regional Sales Manager), NKAM (National Key Account Manager, and Sales Dept Head who are included in the 2024 Sales Academy program, the duration of the program will run for the next 3-4 months for ASM (Assistant Sales Manager) per region who will later will be divided into 4 batches.

This event was opened by Aryo Widiwardhono as Chief Executive Officer of Enesis Group with a constructive message regarding RSM’s involvement in developing ASM competencies, increasing business growth through improving effective sales processes, as well as supporting organizational development in accordance with Enesis Group’s 2024 business theme, namely “Grow Profitably , Grow Competitively, and Grow Sustainably.”

The series of activities from the Sales Academy includes workshops, training, role plays, and also brainstorming related to team performance management as well as coaching sessions on how to improve sales performance.

The main objective of this activity is to standardize the competence of RS and ASM in the Enesis Group by applying the 10:20:70 concept, namely training workshops, coaching RSM with consultants, and monitoring ASM performance and projects to be planned.

“With this Sales Academy, we hope to improve the competence and performance of the sales team to be able to achieve Enesis Group’s business targets in a sustainable manner. “We believe that through continuous development and development, we can grow and compete more effectively in the market,” said Enesis Group Chief Sales Officer, Lita Tejaya.

By holding this Sales Academy, Enesis Group hopes to improve the quality and competence in the sales division, so that it can make a greater contribution to achieving business targets and provide better service to customers.

Sales Academy 2024 is proof of Enesis Group’s commitment to developing quality and professional human resources in achieving the company’s vision to become the first choice for Indonesian families in maintaining health.

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