January 15, 2024 News

Enesis Group Christmas Retreat and Prayer Fellowship

Enesis Group believes that producing quality products needs to be supported by the quality of its employees who are diligent in their work and devout in their religion so they can work in balance. To respect Christian employees, Enesis Group is holding a Christmas and New Year 2024 retreat with the families of Christian employees. This event was held at a villa in the Puncak area, Bogor for two days from 13-14 January 2024.

The event was held for two days with the aim of strengthening togetherness, celebrating precious moments and exploring the meaning of Christmas with a group prayer meeting. Retreat activities are filled with various activities that bring employees closer to each other to build togetherness and employee enthusiasm.

The prayer meeting was one of the highlights of this Christmas retreat, the prayer and sharing session was led by Pastor Djone Georges Nicolas. The pastor guided Enesis Group employees by presenting a study of the Bible, Luke 2:1-7 which tells the story of the birth of Jesus Christ.

This study conveys the true meaning of Christmas and the birth of Jesus Christ who is full of love, peace and hope for humanity. On this occasion, Enesis Group employees were also given the opportunity to reflect, understand and celebrate God’s presence in their lives.

However, it is not only religious activities that are carried out at the 2024 Christmas and New Year retreats, Enesis Group employees also hold various kinds of games such as moving balls, grabbing balls, moving glasses, and Bible quizzes which aim to make the atmosphere more relaxed and warmer because of the games. -The games are played in groups.

This event reflects Enesis Group’s values in creating an inclusive work environment, supporting diversity,  and paying attention to the spiritual needs of each employee. This Christmas and New Year retreat succeeded in creating precious moments and bringing a deep spirit of togetherness to Enesis Group employees.

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